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Wishes from The wishing tree is created by We~Ivy for Christmas & New Year. This typography art  is available in daily-quote version at We~Ivy's Art BootH to purchase, so that you can bring the Christmas positive traits into your daily life for all year long. Follow & share

Ms. Santa is the future descendant of the real Saint Nicholas; she is the new era of Santa Claus. She prefers to be called Ms. Santa rather than Ms. Claus. This fashionista Santa girl always has a Christmas whispering candy cane with her, slipped into her garter. The 'Christmas Whispering Candy Cane' is not an ordinary peppermint candy stick; there is a magical spell on it; it hums to an enchanting melody, that she the only one can hear it, to open a new mysterious parallel Christmas universe thru a magical floating mirror as a portal. An alluring winter peppermint candy cane garden is the gate to this twisted fairytale world.

isn't about sweets and feast; it's not about the size of a gingerbread house we compete; or how pretty and dazzling a tall Christmas tree we can have. Nor about how much gifts we receive, but it's about the love and care that we share. Christmas is special and worth thousand folds if we can touch others' hearts with ours. We don't need the same jingle in our language nor equal status to care for others, all we need just our empathy and sympathy. Wishing you all lots of love and Merry Christmas!

It was a white Christmas, Elvee Viola and her little mice took a day off from Santa's workshop and went to visit their old friend, Rainy. Because Rainy's Birthday falls on the holidays season, so they planned to celebrate it together with the orphan kids on the street; Rainy prepared some cute cookies and delicious desserts to share with them, while Elvee got some blankets and new clothes for the children. After having their feast in laughter, they sang their favorite carols under the stars to bring joy and smiles to those who passed by. They ended the night by taking the little ones to their new home, an orphan house that still offered some space to shelter. The party was nothing fancy nor classy, but it was pleasing and cheered up the little faces. It's Christmas all about; sharing what we have with those who are helpless and in need.
*Note: my favorite part was creating the tray of desserts; I have added choco eclair; then we have strawberry coating gingerbread man, kue lapis (Indonesian dessert), berries mousse with cream, Xmas flower choco & bunny cookie - just like my art lollies (they appear on separate theme), Xmas tree biscuit, rum truffle marble with cherry on top, 3 layered vanilla-strawberry-choco-nuts cupcake, crispy choco chip butter cookie.

Meaningful way of celebrating Christmas ~ illustrated by We~Ivy. Learn more about this art on interactive; you can see the details using virtual magnifying glass or browse some gift ideas in this theme for Christmas time or for daily use and all year long at and

can be stressful and irritating when we strive to buy this and that or must have the best gifts ever from the malls and try to impress. Instead of giving in a true Christmas spirit, we often get lost in a competition and a fight. When we use our hearts to see and hear, we can see clearer than before; we see broader, over our four walls at home, beyond our family or our neighborhood, we will see the whole universe and feel with them. When we listen with our hearts, we will understand better what others need; we will hear the unheard voices that plead for help, even if they come from the other side of the globe. Presents are just symbols, but what truly counts, is the meaning and intention behind why we gift. When we wish for others and give with sincerity from the bottom of our hearts; even a tiny unflashy gift becomes priceless and the memory is unforgettable.

In far far away in a tropical forest, there was a boy scout named Illusionist. Nature and his animal friends fascinated this young man so much; he loved all the greenies and the fresh air of the jungle. No wonder that we mostly found him spending his days from dusk til dawn relaxing in the wood. One day in December, while laying on the grass and enjoyed the evening breeze. He saw something extraordinary that he had never seen before. There was a magical light came from one spot broke thru the trees. Without hesitation, he walked to the light direction. He was surprised when he saw a big pine tree covered with snow, as his place never snowed before. He wondered and walked into the wood further; suddenly, he spotted the beautiful elf nearby. A female elf, Xiao Mayi, was specially sent by Santa to search a young man soul who could do the job as Vice Santa since the Santa himself was not feeling well this time of year and need a hand. Her magical snow globe showed that Illusionist was the perfect candidate, so she went to visit him with a message from Santa. After nesting herself with her puppy on an old giant pine tree, she used her magic power to cover the whole tree with snow, just like her home in the north pole. She took two pine cones from the tree and *ZOOM*... a mini present-maker and a small petite pine house popped out. Then, she picked a banana skin that she found there (-> he was eating that earlier) and *ZOOM*... it turned into a small banana-sleigh, that later on will be enlarged to human size for Illu to ride. Lastly, she took out from her pocket an old brown stinky sock and a candy cane, *ZOOM*... they turned into a cute giant gift-pixie-dust machine and a candy-cane-looked sliding staircase. Now that she had everything she needed to produce Christmas presents, all she needed was, just waiting for him to find her. BINGO! There he came. Illusionist took the job with honor and spread the joy to everyone he reached.

Dear Santa, please send your brightest star for all of us. I simply wish everyone's wishes and dreams come true: those who are hungry, get some food; those who have nothing to wear, receive some clothes; those who are freezing in the cold and have no place to sleep, find homes; those who are sick, recover soon and become healthy again. Those who experience the storm, pain, and fear in their life, gain some strength & guidance; those with no parents meet their new family. Those who miss their dearest one so much can finally reunite with them again; until then, may their hearts and mind settle peacefully. Have a Merry Christmas & Joyous New Year!     ~ Tristán

is a fantasy imagination that the snow comes down from Santa's tree-beard. Santa here is a symbol of someone who is kind and has a heart made of gold; he always observes us from above; he watches every step we make in life within our universe sphere, guide us and make sure we learn any obstacles in our life positively. His beard is the pine trees covered with snow. Pines trees are known as trees that can survive in all seasons, including in winter; they live for many years. It represents the way how we should live; no matter it's winter or spring, or summer, or autumn; we must be strong like the pine trees and endure rain, storm, wind and heat in every cycle of our life. The falling snow from the sky that covers the trees symbolizes purity & calmness, where we must keep our mind calm and pure; our hearts shall stay kind and generous, despite the problems in our life.

Candy Cane tree branch is illustrated by We~Ivy for her Christmas ART theme on
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