Nothing is more rewarding & exciting than creating art. It's like living in a dream. Check out my IG to know more about me & my hobbies. Contact me for some exciting collaboration/ projects. I love getting involved & seek for new challenges in creative matters.

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An Image of a white contact note block with lilac color spiral bind created by We~Ivy
A thumb image of traditional illustration, black and white pencil drawing, original character design in cartoon chibi anime style by We~Ivy aka Shillmynara

Pencil Drawings  

A thumb image of different kinds of cute 2D illustration, illustrated by We~Ivy, artist based in Switzerland

Graphic Designs  

2D illustrations  

Literature Arts  

A thumb image of festive digital card prints collection for birthday, baby shower, birth announcement, jubilaum, bautism, designed & illustrated by We~Ivy
a thumb image print screen of We~Ivy's fantasy story.