We~Ivy's Art Book website logo.
A greyscale/ monochrome digital illustration of under the sea, called 'The FUN•tastic Ocean' by We~Ivy, a female digital artist, a freelance illustrator based in Switzerland. The art describes there were four cute original characters (OCs) having fun with the sea critters in the FUNtastic Ocean under a clear sky. The drawing is in a cartoon style or known as anime chibi in Japanese term. In this interactive Art Book, visitors may explore every inch of the art using a virtual magnifying glass to view the bigger size of this painting even closer.
Illustration and animation of sparkling clear blue waves, illustrated digitally by We~Ivy. Ivy invites the visitors to have some interactive activities on her Art Book to create some fun, if you click on her wave illustration that consists of frames, you will see a cute animation of an orange-red jumping magical fish on the water surface.
image of a baby blue, cyan, light blue, sky blue rope on a teal, turquoise blue nail to hang a beautiful greyscale art, illustrated by We~Ivy a digital artist and illustrator based in Switzerland, so that it looks like a hanging canvas frame
An image of a curvy dashed arrow sign towards a big art canvas; it tells the readers to explore further the digital painting by hovering or tapping on the greyscale image with a virtual magnifying glass. The zoom effect reveals the details and the color.